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The Wisconsin personal injury attorneys of Samster, Konkel & Safran, S.C. have represented clients from all over the Southeastern Wisconsin. Please see below for some recoveries we have obtained for our clients.

  • Auto Accident

    Confidential Recovery

    Illegal U-Turn by Truck Driver Causes Serious Accident

    Our young client was severely injured when a City of Milwaukee Sanitation worker made an illegal U-turn on 101st Street in Brown Deer, Wisconsin. The driver attempted to swerve but a serious crash resulted in extensive personal injuries to our client.

    This case was complicated by Wisconsin immunity laws that limit liability for personal injury accidents for municipalities such as Milwaukee. In this case, our personal injury lawyers at Samster Konkel & Safran, S.C. were able to obtain maximum recovery from the City of Milwaukee truck driver, as well as insurance policy limits recovery from the car in which our client was a passenger.

    The compensation our client received helped pay for medical expenses, medical equipment and rehabilitation past and present. Because our client was a minor, we were able to obtain court approval for a maximum policy limits recovery and assure that funds would be available for her after she turned eighteen.

  • Auto Accident

    Confidential Recovery

    Investigation Finds a Witness of Car Accident

    Our client was nine months old when she was seriously injured in a Wisconsin automobile accident. She was a passenger in a car that was t-boned by a pickup truck at 16th & National Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her mother was also injured and could not remember what happened in the car accident. Because this was rush hour, all of the potential witnesses had left the scene by the time the police arrived. There were conflicting stories between the drivers as to who had the red light and who had the green light.

    After our Milwaukee personal injury law firm was retained, we hired an expert to do a car accident reconstruction and had engineers evaluate the damages to the vehicles in order to determine how fast the drivers were going and which driver was negligent. That elusive witness, however, still held the key.

    This is what makes us different from other area law firms. Our Milwaukee auto accident lawyers at Samster Konkel & Safran, S.C. decided to stake out the bus stop at the intersection for several days to try to find people that may have seen the accident. Within several days, we were able to find not only one, but two witnesses that confirmed both the color of the lights and the excessive rate of speed that the colliding pickup truck was traveling at the time of the accident.

  • Motorcycle Accident- $750,000


    Motorcyclist Struck by Intoxicated Driver

    Policy limits for a motorcyclist that was hit when an intoxicated driver crossed the centerline. Notable because we were able to triple the policy limits after a successful appeal of a denial of coverage. Also defendants claimed our client at fault for driving a cycle in the rain in the first place. Court did NOT buy it.

  • Work Place Accident- $1,300,000

    $1.3 Million

    Machinist Injured on the Job

    Jury verdict for a machinist injured on the job and subsequently developed a serious infection. Defense claimed at trial that the man’s wife partially to blame for not recognizing the infection.

  • Bicycle Accident- $250,000


    Death of an 11 Year Old Girl Riding Her Bike

    Jury verdict for insurance policy limits in favor of a Brookfield family for the death of their 11 year old daughter struck on her bicycle. We claimed the car driver was speeding through the neighborhood. The defense hired an engineer to testify the car driver was not speeding after the engineer conducted an “accident reconstruction”. The jury threw out that testimony when we were able to prove the engineer relied on a false interpretation of the damage to the bicycle.

  • Defective Product

    Full Refund

    Recently our Milwaukee defective product injury lawyers at Samster Konkel & Safran, S.C. secured a recovery for a client who was injured while using exercise equipment. Our client was using an inversion therapy table, and while in an inverted position a weld failed causing the equipment to collapse. In the fall from the table, our client suffered head and back injuries.

    Our investigation revealed that the company had problems with similar equipment, which had been subject to a recall by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. We brought a claim against the company which distributed the equipment and its insurer, alleging that it had a duty to ensure that the equipment was provided to the public in a safe condition and free from defects.

    This case was resolved, prior to a lawsuit being filed. At the conclusion of the claim, the company picked up the equipment from the client’s home and gave a full refund!

  • Slip & Fall

    Confidential Recovery

    Elderly Woman Injured in Fall

    We represented an elderly woman who slipped and fell on her way from her apartment in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, as she was headed to her car in a separate garage structure at the apartment complex. The sidewalk which she would have normally used to walk from the apartment building to the garage was covered with piles of snow because the snow plows had cleared the parking lot behind the building and pushed the snow up towards the building and covering the sidewalk area.

    This situation represented at least 3 wrongdoings on the part of the building owner:

    • He did not maintain a safe walking area
    • He did not attempt to rapidly fix the unsafe conditions
    • He did not warn people about the hazardous conditions

    How the Slip and Fall Occurred

    Our client was required to walk out into the parking lot to get to the garage structure. Due to snowy conditions from a snowfall that morning, and unaware of icy conditions under the snow, she fell in the parking lot, resulting in a fracture to her hip, and requiring hospitalization, surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Our client laid on the parking lot for almost twenty minutes, but was finally able to use her cell phone to call a relative, who then came to the scene and called 911.

    We filed a claim against the apartment complex’s insurance company, alleging that Wisconsin’s Safe Place Statute Section 101.11, applied to this case and imposed a greater duty on the apartment complex owners and operators to maintain the premises as free from danger “as the nature of the employment, place of employment or public building, will reasonably permit.” The Milwaukee personal injury case was recovered, prior to a lawsuit being filed, for a substantial amount of money.

  • Truck Accident

    Confidential Recovery

    Fatal Accident in Milwaukee When Truck Hit Bridge Abutment

    A tragic case, which was reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, among other news outlets, involved a loaded semi-truck that struck a sign bridge while going around a curve on the Marquette interchange in Milwaukee. The resulting truck accident caused the sign bridge to collapse, striking an automobile and a Milwaukee County Bus. The driver of the automobile was killed. To add to the tragedy, the young woman was on the way to her wedding shower when the truck hit the bridge, causing this accident. The driver of the bus was also seriously injured. Multiple lawsuits followed this tragic case.

    During our investigation it was determined that the truck driver, and the trucking company, violated numerous Federal Motor Vehicle Carrier Safety Regulations, specifically including FMCSR §396.13 and FMCSR §392.9. Our investigation also revealed that a cause of the driver losing control of his semi-truck and trailer was as a result of improper loading of cargo in the trailer.

    This investigation caused us to not only sue the semi-truck driver and the common carrier that employed him, but also the warehouse in Seattle, Washington that was responsible for the loading of the cargo. Our investigation, and expert witnesses retained on behalf of our client, discovered even more violations of Federal Regulations including FMCSR §393.100 and FMCSR §393.102

    While nothing can reverse the tragedy of a serious injury or death, in this case the responsible parties were held civilly responsible through the hard work and diligent investigation of this case.

  • Pedestrian Accident

    Confidential Recovery

    Child Struck By Car

    Represented a young child who was crossing a street in the middle of the block. He was struck by a vehicle whose driver claimed that he did not see the child and that he was unable to avoid the collision. The driver’s insurance company denied the claim and refused to make any payment. We were able to locate a witness who was traveling two cars behind the vehicle which struck our young client. That witness said that he saw the boy before he got to the street and then saw him attempt to cross the busy roadway. The witness said he slowed down because he was concerned that the boy would be unable to get across the street in time to avoid being struck. The witness said that the driver who struck the boy never slowed down and did nothing in any attempt to avoid striking the boy. After providing the witness information to the insurance company for the driver who struck our client, the insurance company resolved the claim for the maximum limits of insurance coverage available under the insurance policy.

  • Workplace Injury

    Confidential Recovery

    Unsafe Workplace on Wisconsin Construction Site Causes Near Blindness

    Worksites are some of the most dangerous places for employees. There are many laws to promote workplace safety and to prevent work site accidents in Wisconsin. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration “OSHA” devotes an entire chapter of safety regulations to work site safety. In this serious accident, our client was injured when he tripped while getting a bucket of materials from his work truck. What would have been a simple fall and nothing more than a bruised ego ended up causing a severe brain injury and nearly blinded our client.

    Less than a dollar’s worth of materials could have prevented this terrible injury. Wisconsin’s Safe Place Statute and OSHA regulations require all hazards, such as anchor bolts protruding from floors or walls be guarded or capped. After simply losing his footing and falling backwards, our client was seriously injured when his head struck an anchor bolt that was required to be capped by OSHA regulations. The general contractor was in violation of OSHA regulation 29CFR1926.16 and OSHA regulation 29CFR1926.701(b)

    Our Milwaukee personal injury lawyers' investigation revealed that the general contractor and the concrete contractor did not keep this work site free of hazards. Because of the common nature of this type of a hazard, simple caps are commercially available specifically for this purpose.

    We commenced a lawsuit on behalf of our client against the negligent contractors involved. The case was successfully settled after a court ordered mediation.

    Our client was compensated for:

    • All of his medical expenses,
    • Lost wages (both in the past and in the future)
    • A large cash recovery for his disability.

    Hard work and a thorough investigation, while not restoring our clients vision, helped provide him a secure future.

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